Dyanne Beekman designing interactive clothing for Sound and Vision

Hilversum, March 31, 2015 – The public supervisors of Sound and Vision will be from April 3, 2015 given a new look. Fashion Entrepreneur Dyanne Beekman designed a completely new look and a special fabric for clothing. The custom-made fabric is made up of hundreds of tiny images of famous faces and scenes from the Dutch television history. The clothes start Sound and over the Easter weekend with a completely new concept: pop-up storytelling. Periodically tell the public attendants to the rich audiovisual collection of the Institute of the museum visitors.

Pop-up storytelling
Tutors public use clothing as a starting point for telling stories to the visitors about the history of Dutch television. The photo of Mr. Owl example, the starting point for a story about the origin and development of puppet series for children. An image of Van Kooten and De Bie is an introduction to satire on Dutch television.

Pop-up storytelling allows the visitors to the museum in an original way to learn more about the immense collection of Sound and Vision. The audience counselors who walk around in the museum, telling a personal and playful way special stories on television and radio history. They do that from this weekend every Saturday and Sunday three times a day.


Dyanne Beekman says about her design for Sound and Vision: “In all my designs I have always challenged to create a corporate image in which the dignity of the individual can be expressed. It is important that you do with a few elements to create your own identity, by means of a small change.

I am proud to be the public supervisors of Sound and Vision, the institute has a huge picture and sound archive, I can give an appropriate outfit to them all that special audiovisual material may again bring to the attention of the visitor. One of our USPs is that this is not a one-off design for Sound and Vision, but we in the coming years in relation to the activities in the museum, take the clothing up to date. ”


More information: www.beeldengeluid.com