Dyanne Beekman dresses McDonald’s America

Breukelen, September 17, 2015 – Who will soon order a Big Mac or McFlurry in America, is now assisted by employees stabbed in business of the Dutch fashion businesswoman Dyanne Beekman. Beekman, who has recently put its signature previously designed all the clothes for McDonald’s Netherlands.

Next week the fashion businesswoman fly to Los Angeles for the top of McDonald’s to explain its philosophy of corporate clothing. Following Beekman presents its own fashion show.

Dyanne: ,, I am very proud that McDonald’s America has asked us. It is a reward for my ideas, which I carry almost twenty years: clothes to make people better and pragmatic. Whether it’s in your personal life or at work. ”
Ramona Santiago, Franchise Owner McDonald’s USA: ,, During the test period, our people told that they and pleasant and felt pride in wearing the clothes of Beekman. I even saw a mother of one of our employees was wearing a t-shirt Beekman while she was shopping in the city. This shows us that Beekman not only provides a uniform .. it’s fashion! That’s exactly what we want to convey, our people feel as good as they look. ”

About Dyanne Beekman

Dyanne Beekman’s fashion entrepreneur and television presenter. In September 2015 she opened her first store DYANNE in Hilversum, a perception shop for fashion, food, beauty, hair and living. For the general public, she was familiar with, inter alia, television Looking Good (RTL 4) and the DYANNE collections. For 21 years she has been Director of Beekman Group. Beekman Group has grown into a fashion company with five divisions: DYANNE collections, Corporate, Styling, Events, Training & Consultancy.