The Beekman Group, which is based in the Netherlands was established in 1996.

With the designs of Beekman Staffstyling, Dyanne Beekman tries to accomplish company pride and team wellbeing by designing pragmatic and fashionable corporate clothing. For the company, she reaches uniformity within the team without the loss of its personality while enhancing the corporate identity. Dyanne masters creating sustainable collections, by adding minor adjustments. Over time she creates major appearance changes. Several concepts are currently in place for Restaurants, Hotels, Holiday parks, Museums and Retail environments.

Years of experience in fashion and styling together with the dream to give each person the opportunity to afford and wear the clothes they wish for, lead to DYANNE and DNN as brands.

With its conceptual approach to serving businesses both in and outside of Europe, Beekman Staff Styling is also renowned for its ‘one-shop’ solution worldwide. It offers a wide range of fashionable professional clothing, footwear and lifestyle wear. Beekman Staff Styling has also been an international Core Supplier for McDonald’s since 2010. In 2017 we launched a fashionable safety sneaker. The sneaker has a reliable grip and slip resistance, even more than the European safety norm. Extremely lightweight, it offers optimum support and comfort for excellent balance. The breathable sneaker which is antibacterial and washable for a maximum level of hygiene is available for men and women in sizes 35 to 48.

As a consequence, to the many questions regarding appearance, quality, and innovation in the care industry, Beekman Staffstyling is launching D-cares in Fall 2020. The company stands out for its approach to the care uniforms and for the sustainability of its chosen quality.


Made out of love

Due to my introduction to corporate clothing in the healthcare sector during my mum’s sickness and the pride I feel for people who work in the healthcare, D-cares is born. At first glance, you may not see a major change from the clothes you are used to. But when you wear them you will feel that it gives you more comfort, makes you look slimmer and gives you strength. What is so different then? You will notice the choice of materials and the fashionable cut, in particular, and in addition to the color Cares white, the colors My night and Grey Melange. Those are the biggest differences. Let’s say D-cares stands exactly for appearance, comfort, quality and innovation!