About us

The Beekman Group, from the Netherlands was established in 1996.

Through the designs of Dyanne Beekman, Beekman Staffstyling manages to achieve company pride and staff welfare by designing pragmatic and fashionable corporate clothing. Dyanne reaches uniformity within the companies while keeping each individual’s personality and enhancing the corporate identity.
Dyanne also masters creating sustainable collections. And she does that by applying minor adjustments to her collections. Over time she has been able to create major appearance changes within the several concepts currently running for her customers in the Restaurants, Hotels, Holiday parks, Museums and Retail sectors.

Years of experience in fashion and styling and the dream to give every person the opportunity to afford and wear the clothes they wish for, lead to DYANNE and D-Cares as brands.

With its conceptual approach to serving businesses both in and outside of Europe, Beekman Staffstyling is also renowned for its ‘one-shop’ solution worldwide offering a wide range of fashionable professional clothing, footwear and lifestyle wear.

Beekman Staffstyling has also been an international Core Supplier for McDonald’s since 2010.

In 2017 it launched a fashionable safety sneaker the DB-O1. The sneaker which has a reliable grip and slip resistance – even more than the European safety norm – is extremely lightweight, offers excellent support and comfort for great balance. The breathable sneaker is antibacterial and washable, for a maximum hygiene, and is available for men and women.

Following the many questions arising concerning appearance, quality, and innovation in the care industry, Beekman Staffstyling launched D-cares in Fall 2020. The company distinguishes itself through its approach towards what has been done by other companies and through the sustainability of the materials chosen.

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