Über uns

About us

The Beekman Group, from the Netherlands was established in 1996. Since 2012 Dyanne Beekman combined her experience with the senior management fashion retail experience of Frans ten Berge.

Fashion entrepreneur Dyanne Beekman is a well-known Dutch TV host of several successful TV formats in the Netherlands and she published two books; N01 “I have an image” and “from coat to bag, you are your own stylist”. Central theme in all her activities is to improve welfare of people by helping them in their appearance in order to boost self-confidence. Dyanne is awarded the “Lace Award” for best Brand Personality in The Netherlands and the Butterfly Award for the Category Women and Fashion. Besides her commercial activity Dyanne is Ambassador for the Hart Foundation in The Netherlands.

Frans ten Berge holds over 20 years of fashion retail experience on board level at C&A, the European market leader in fashion retail. He held positions as Commercial Director of the Netherlands, Member of the Executive Board of C&A Germany, Member of the European Executive Board as Commercial Director. C&A is an International Fashion Retail Company with more than 1500 Stores in Europe but also active in Brazil, Mexico and China with a combined revenue of 6.8 billion Dollar. Since 2012 Frans is the Managing Director of the Beekman Group.

With the designs of Beekman Staffstyling, Dyanne tries to accomplish company pride and staff welfare by designing pragmatic and fashionable corporate clothing. For the company she reaches uniformity without the loss of the personality while enhancing the corporate identity. Dyanne masters creating sustainable collections by adding minor adjustments over time she creates major appearance changes. Several concepts are running for restaurants, Hotels, Holiday parks, Museums and Retail

Years of experience in fashion and styling and the dream to give every woman an opportunity to afford and wear the clothes they wish for, lead to the start off DYANNE as a brand. DYANNE exists of 12 numbers, each number standing for a compliant fashion item. With this she creates a simple method of making people aware of what they are wearing and help them to be their own stylist.

DYANNE Collections consist of 4 national collections:

  • DYANNE; Fashion collection for regular sizes ranging from size 6 to 24
  • DNN; Mens collection for casual and business wear